• MAY 2015.

    12-14.05.2015.Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. ENSIAP and ACCBAT projects at the Nature & Water Knowledge Sharing Forum.

    06.05.2015. Beirut. Lebanon. Conference opening on sustainable management and integrated water in the Southern Mediterranean.

  • APRIL 2015.

    29.04.2015. Amman. Jordan Demo PV fountain to amaze thousands at Jordan Agricultural Festival.

    01.04.2015. Jordan Valley The PV pumping systems – international training of trainers in Jordan Valley.

  • MARCH 2015.

    30.03.2015. Amman. ENSIAP project participate in The Ecological Restoration Alliance of Botanic Gardens meeting in Jordan.

  • JANUARY 2015.

    Amman. Promotion of Soil and Irrigation Good Agricultural Practices.

  • DECEMBER 2014.

    12.12.2014. Rome ENSIAP project hit hundreds at NextMed Conference in Rome, Italy.

    December. Rome ENSIAP hosts WSWC Project – on field activities in Jordan

  • NOVEMBER 2014.

    10-12.11.2014. Jordan Valley. ENSIAP in Jordan Valley: energy from the sun, water for the plant.

    13.11.2014. Deir Alla. Farmer Field Day in Deir Alla for solar panels

Focus On: Solar Energy for Irrigation Water Pumping

ENSIAP project implemented activities contribute to reduction of the negative environmental impact of irrigated agriculture on water and soil resources and climate change, through increased water-use efficiency, ...

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  • Activity 1:

    Establishment of pilot farms aiming at improvement of water-use efficiency, and reduction negative environmental impact of fertilizer and pesticide inputs.

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  • Activity 2:

    Establishment of pilot farms aiming at introduction of use of RES.

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  • Activity 3:

    Institutional Capacity Building on Best Agricultural Practices and use of RES in agriculture for NCARE and the Lebanese MoA.

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  • Activity 4:

    Farmers training.

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  • Activity 5:

    Enhanced regional and international networking and information exchange on use of RES in agriculture.

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  • Activity 6:

    Dissemination of project results and public awareness raising for environmental aspects of intensive agriculture, water issues, and use of RES.

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